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Buried Stars


"Nobody can wear two masks
without revealing their true self."

It was the finals of the fourth season of "Buried Stars"
a survival audition competition featuring public contestants.
The stage collapsed during the live broadcast, trapping the contestants and a number of the staff.

With hours to go until the arrival of a rescue team,
their sponsored smartwatches are the only way to know what's going on in the outside world.
By connecting to SNS via their smartwatches, they can see thousands of comments of worry, support,
criticism and mockery. The survivors on the inside
and the communicators on the outside wait for rescue.

Then an anonymous user on SNS forewarns of murder, saying that they must pay for their crimes,
and the survivors become further divided as their predicament worsens...

Will the survivors be able to last until the rescue team arrives?
Who is the unknown killer, and why are they doing this?

What choice will the main character make at the end of this survival game?

Weekly entertainment
This time the stage 'suddenly shifts'...
Blind to box office success, WBS reaches beyond its capacity.
Entertainment News

The stage is set for Bstars Season 4, 'Storytelling.' The audition contestants' past histories are inserted into the program, hence the name 'Storytelling.'
It starts amidst general negative public opinion regarding auditions shows...

Is controversy just another name for box office success? "Controversy is just another name for box office success. If nobody is interested
the word doesn't get out." These comments from an interview released yesterday...

Is making the final no matter what really all that matters...? Bstars Season 4... Amidst heated debate, the fast-paced live broadcast of the finals of
WBS Buried Stars Season 4 rises in popularity...

Photo News

  • Juyoung Min & Inha Oh "This isn't a headlock"
  • Hyesung Seo "A smile so beautiful it almost hurts"
  • His handsome face is his specialty
  • The heat of the auditions also has SNS stirring

This time the stage 'suddenly shifts'... Blind to box office success, WBS reaches beyond its capacity.

Bstars Season 4 suffers from new controversy as the finals stage suddenly shifts.

The starting point was a revealing post uploaded to the Social Network Service (SNS) Phater. It stated that despite its inappropriate location and structure, the company pushed ahead with the venue relocation in order to attract a larger paying audience.

The production team immediately refuted the post before it had been out for even a day. The issue is that Bstars, which had remained wholly silent despite the controversy, responded unusually quickly to this event. WBS, which had seemingly overlooked a number of issues such as unfair contracts, violations of privacy, incorrect profiles of finals contestants, and the controversy surrounding the qualifications of the contestants and director, issued a statement threating to hunt down the person that made the post.

It can't look good from the viewer's perspective. What's more is that under current circumstances, it appears that the post uploaded on Phater is true.

Now is not the time for WBS to be making threats. They need to issue a convincing explanation for their continuous handling of affairs up until now and address the current suspicions garnering so much attention. This is how they get over this wave of controversy and earn back the trust of the viewers once more. The public is waiting for Bstars to make a reasonable decision worthy of its reputation.

The stage is set for Bstars Season 4, 'Storytelling.'

The audition contestants' past histories are inserted into the program, hence the name 'Storytelling.' It is not an exaggeration to say it starts amidst general negative public opinion regarding auditions shows...

Viewership and popularity ratings hit rock-bottom and in the end they had to face the humiliation of indefinitely suspending production.

WBS' desire for redemption is apparent with the return of the 4th season.

Appointing producer Seungyeon Shin, who was responsible for the big hit show "SCOOP!", as the general producer was as much a show of this determination as anything. As expected, the show displayed the past histories of the diverse contestants from the start, making it known that this would be the greatest Bstars season of all. The winners of the preliminary round were Gyu-hyuk Lee, the son of the late Byung-hee Lee, and Juyoung Min, the lead member of Beloved. It is to be seen whether or not these two who left a deep impression on the viewers will be able to make it past the finals.

With new stories pouring out of each episode, the stage is set for Bstars Season 4, 'Storytelling.'

Each viewer can indulge in their own guilty pleasure and just relax and wait for the new story to drop.

Is controversy just another name for box office success? Producer Seungyeon Shin makes controversial remarks as WBS remains silent

"Controversy is just another name for box office success. If nobody is interested, the word doesn't get out."

The remarks were made by producer Seungyeon Shin in an interview with a media outlet released yesterday. Based on these remarks, Producer Shin seemed entirely indifferent to the surrounding controversy.

"The contestants agreed to let the program make use of any of their elements."

"Even if you resent me now, you'll thank me later."

Such comments were enough to stir up controversy even among those who are not viewers or contestants of Bstars. Although WBS made an official statement on its television network amidst a storm of protest, it doesn't appear that things will settle down easily.

The following is WBS's official statement:

"We are aware of a few inconsiderate remarks. As current staff and contestants have deep faith in our producer, there will be no substitution. Please be generously understanding of the creator's individuality."

Is making the final no matter what really all that matters...? 'Bstars Season 4' bursting with controversy inside and out

Amidst heated debate, the fast-paced live broadcast of the finals of WBS Buried Stars Season 4 begins.

They appear to be busy covering up one controversy after another amidst their soaring popularity. In particular, there has been skepticism surrounding the finalists regarding their qualifications and actions. They allowed a contestant who was found to be a perpetrator of school violence to proceed to the finals seemingly without explanation and eliminated whole teams that have been together for a long time while allowing only one member to advance to the finals. Now even long-time followers of the show are starting to complain.

"This is a program that you watch with your children and if it continues on this way, it becomes difficult to answer the question 'what is success?'" said netizen fad***2003, expressing his discomfort with Bstars' methods. Another netizen is a victim of school violence. "If I knew it was going to be this kind of show, I wouldn't have watched it from the beginning," he complained.

Tight-lipped 'star producer' Seungyeon Shin and production company WBS are basically admitting that their end goal is to show that 'nothing matters as long as you win.'

'Buried Stars' is an entertainment program for the public, but has the framework of an audition program. The bare minimum of fairness should be based on the sincerity and morality of the contestants in order to gain the trust of the viewers and lead to a result in which everyone is convinced by the outcome, but for now that seems a distant possibility.


Survival TV SHOW
Your vote decides their fate!

Gyu-hyuk Lee
Juyoung Min
Inha Oh
Do-yoon Han
Hyesung Seo


Do-yoon Han

The Traitor, 25 years old, 178cm, 66kg, indie band bassist

"Thank you for thinking highly of me... but I don't deserve it."

Main characterof the game and bassistof the indie band 'Masquerade'.
But he advanced to the qualifiers alone. On-air he appears to be a sharp,
cold traitor but in reality, he shows concern for others.
He is stressed by the misnomer traitorand tries to avoid it.
Fellow contestants that know his real personality assume
that there must be some underlying story,
but criticism from viewers and SNS grows stronger.
Mid-season voting results: 4th place

  • Kr CV PARK Sung-tae

  • JP CV KAKIHARA Tetsuya

Juyoung Min

The Runaway, 28 years old, 160cm, 52kg, previous girl group member

"Everyone... has something they fear to face."

Originally a vocalist in a girl group.
As the leader and main vocalist, her group disbanded after she left.
After remaining hidden for some time, she revealed herself to the public by
participating in the audition.
People think she is weak and sensitive when in reality
she is thoughtful and strong-willed.
Mid-season voting results: 2nd place

  • Kr CV. KIM Ha-ru

  • Jp CV. SATO Rina

Gyu-hyuk Lee

The Silver Spoon, 27 years old, 180cm, 80kg, student taking time off of school

"You might as well say that I can read your mind."

Son of a widely-popular singer-songwriter.
Although he doesn't show it the title, 'The Silver Spoon,'
seems to be a heavy burden.
His sensational talent, neat appearance, and friendly personality
drew attention to him from the start.
Do-yoon Han saved his life at the time of the collapse.
Mid-season voting results: 1st place

  • Kr CV. RYU Seung-gon

  • Jp CV. EGUCHI Takuya

Inha Oh

The Rude One, 25 years old, 164cm, 56kg dance crew member

"You and I have changed a lot since the preliminaries."

A former dance crew member that doesn't hold back what she says.
Her critics often scold her for being insubordinate and rude.
She is stressed by the stalkers hovering around her and all the attention
and digging into her private life.
Mid-season voting results: 3rd place

  • Kr CV. KIM Yeon-woo

  • Jp CV. HIKASA Yoko

Hyesung Seo

The Ex-con, 20 years old, 170cm, 62kg, unemployed

"You thought I was a nobody, didn't you?"

The youngest contestant who is bright and mischievous.
Although he always received low scores from the judges,
by using popularity management through SNS he has
garnered a large number of the viewer votes.
At the time of the finals, it was revealed through SNS that he
was a perpetrator of violence at school
and now his votes have dropped dramatically.
Mid-season voting results: 5th place.

  • Kr CV. NAM Do-hyung

  • Jp CV. SHIMONO Hiro

Seil Chang

Show Assistant Producer, 24 years old, 164cm, 52kg, WBS Assistant Producer

"You're not just a normal person walking on the street anymore."

Producer Seungyeon Shin's assistant producer who helps her with all kinds of tasks.
Has many contacts among the contestants and so they talk to each other casually.
His messenger bag contains a notebook that he scribbles on from time to time.

  • Kr CV. LEE Kyung-tae

  • Jp CV. HOSHI Soichiro

Seungyeon Shin

Show General Producer, 33 years old, 164cm, 51kg, WBS Producer

"Do you have what it takes?"

Star producer who made the previous program a big hit.
Chosen as the general producer for the new season of Buried Stars with
high expectations coming from the management.
Although she has a controversial directing style, this attracts further attention and
brings about the makings of a box office hit.

  • Kr CV. IM yoon-seon



Communicate with the inside and the outside and survive until the end to reveal the hidden truth!

Use Clue Keywords
to have a Conversation with survivors

A clue keyword is a conversation topic that
includes information about the current situation or character.

By using clue keywords to have a conversation with characters,
you can obtain reaction keywords.

Acquiring all the necessary reaction keywords may result in communication ending.

Clear up and present keywords to proceed

Combine multiple keywords to clear up the story and reach the conclusion.

Also, you can present a keyword and give an opinion or a response.
By clearing up or presenting a keyword, you can obtain a conclusion keyword.

Acquire outside Clue Keywords from the Timeline

You can view recent posts of the SNS service Phater on the timeline.

Some texts contain clue keywords or can be commented on.
Sanity can be increased or separate Collections can be acquired.

Rapport can be adjusted by Calling surviving members

You can give a phone call to one surviving member.
When a phone call event occurs, Sanity and Rapport are changed.

Pursue the truth by using the Messenger
to communicate with unknown members

Surviving members can check messages that they have sent or received.
As the story continues a message arrives from an unknown member

Investigate your surroundings
to obtain Clue Keywords

Investigate specific locations and
objects to obtain clue Keywords.
The investigation will automatically end once
all areas have been investigated.

Preserve Sanity as you reach for the ultimate truth

Sanity is the main character's current mental strength.
It changes based on the player's choices and circumstances.

Be careful! If your Sanity reaches 0, it's game over.

Build Rapport as you reach for the truth

Rapport is the trust and friendliness that others feel for the main character.
It changes based upon communication conversations and choices.

If the Rapport level is high enough and conditions are met, a Rapport Event will appear.
Each character has 5 stages of Rapport Events and once all are completed,
their epilogue will change.

Explore endless possibilities through
interactive storytelling

Protect Do-yoon Han's sanity and build rapport with other party members.
The road to the truth lies in communication.
Listen carefully to the ominous rumors.
Be cautious in this time of crime and murder.

Gather Collection components embedded
within the story

You can check your collection through the in-game smartwatch and main menu.
Your collection includes keywords, profiles, sounds, images, and challenges.




Buried Stars
Communication x Survival x Adventure
Audio - Korean, Japanese
Subtitles - English + 4 other languages


Nintendo Switch™

LINE Games Corporation
Content Rating
Ages 12+
Release Date
July 2020
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